Commercial Fit Outs

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Get a practical and effective design for your commercial space. Our commercial fit out experience spans across hospitals, retail, childcare and schools. We work closely with Property and Project Managers to ensure you stay on-budget with minimal disruption to your organisation.

There are a number of factors that a commercial office fit out needs to consider and properly account for. Our focus is to understand the project, your organisations requirements and the way you work. We explore six common aspects of commercial office fitouts below that create the backbone of the project. From designing the layout to choosing the right furniture, we can make your vision a reality. We offer a single point of contact for commercial fitouts, so there's no need to worry about managing multiple contractors or making sure your interior work proceeds smoothly.

Commercial Fit Outs

Here at Benson Building & Construction, we not only understand that, we use it as a guiding principle to ensure delivery of purpose-built, brand-fit, commercial office fit outs, on budget and on time.

Benson Building & Construction are the experts in complete turn key commercial office fit-out solutions. Whether you're searching for a refurbishment to an outdated office environment or a completely new fit-out from scratch, we have the expertise to transform your office or retail space into an inspiring place to work and do business. Forging strong and lasting bonds with clients is a major focus for Benson Building & Construction highly experienced team, and this is evident by the large number of clients who return again and again.

Benson Building & Construction - Defit, Demolition, Commercial Strip Out & Make Good Service

We offer a high quality customised commercial defit and demolition service for your business or commercial property. Our services extended to commercial operations who are moving to new premises, down grading or closing down. Servicing the entire Sydney metropolitan area.

Undertaking a professional defit or strip out is a vital process for any commercial operation. This practice involves a thorough overhaul or renovation of your commercial, office or retail space. Benson Building & Construction will conduct a customised service designed to return the space back to its original state or ensure it meets your future requirements. Whether you have just undertaken a new lease or reaching the end, Benson Building & Construction are here to assist with a safe, fast and reliable service.

Demolition service for your business or commercial property

We have a strong and reliable reputation on delivering top quality demolition services within your desired time-frame and all for affordable prices. Every client we meet is different, so we tailor our plans to find your solutions. And even though we are a professional demolition company we are not just limited to demolition services, as we offer a host of other services, including tree removal, asbestos removal, land clearing and excavation services.

We are strict with our time frame, working condition and yes we never leave behind anything that would put pressure on the client in the future. We conduct our works and projects very neat and clean. And when it comes to safety, we use the best tools and machinery in the market to avoid any kind of unfortunate accidents. We maintain the best inspections which keep our business and team running like a well-oiled machine. Contact us and feel free to discuss any kinds of projects you have.

Commercial Strip Outs Sydney

When it comes to Commercial Strip outs in Sydney, Benson Building & Construction are the experts. No matter how small or how big the industrial space that needs to be stripped out, we can do the job for you quickly, reliably and at a great price. Commercial strip outs are necessary to restore the space back to an open space and blank canvas, ready for the next tenant. If you have been leasing space and need to vacate, it is highly likely a commercial strip out will be part of the end of lease contract.

We have many years experience in commercial strip-outs and shell and core services Sydney and can advise you on the project. We will work with you to effectively strip out your space and then remove all rubbish and debris for one honest, competitive cost. Whether you are stripping out a commercial space for renovation or needing to shell and core your area before returning to the landlord, we can help. Benson Building & Construction has been in business for over a decade, and our team are fully trained in all workplace health and safety practices. Our team will come to your site, remove what you need and then take it all off-site.

Helping clients to ‘make good’

With a service open to businesses and clientele throughout the entire city, Benson Building & Construction have built a strong reputation for reputable, safe and adaptable defit and strip out procedures. Throughout our years of operation we have helped countless clients to ‘make good’ on their end of lease requirements, easing the burden of the often stressful process of commercial transition. We are committed to leave no stone unturned in the defit, strip out or demolition of your commercial property, prioritising the needs of business tenants and landlords through the implementation of a prompt and thorough service.

Equipped with many years of experience, our defit and demolition crew have the necessary know how to ensure that the process not only achieves its intended outcome, but is conducted in a safe, secure and fully insured fashion. When the time comes for your commercial operation, it is vital that you enlist the services of Benson Building & Construction’s team of seasoned professionals.

Make good service of the Old Tenancy

A feature included within a vast majority of commercial land and property lease agreements, the make good clause requires tenants to return their property to its original state before the handover takes place. While this can seem daunting, Benson Building & Construction’s service offers concrete solutions. We provide comprehensive strip outs, defits or small scale demolitions of your commercial space.

Available Sydney Wide, our crew have successfully helped countless clients throughout the city, from the Westfield Shopping Centre to office buildings, shop fronts, industrial properties and many more. Delivered at a competitive and affordable price, our professionals provide a dedicated service that not only allows you to make good on your contract, but also ensures high level safety standards. Benson Building & Construction have assisted countless clients throughout our city to fulfil their ‘make good’ clause, allowing their end of lease transition to be smooth and carefree. Whether you operate in an office, restaurant, shop front or small space in a shopping centre, help you restore the property to a pristine state. We’ll handle all aspects of the process, whether you require a simple defit, a strip out or a demolition of the space.

Benson Building & Construction

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