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Our builders have over 25 years industry experience.

At Benson Building and Construction, we help create lasting building solutions for better living including residential, commercial and strata maintenance. We bring 25 years of combined industry experience to every construction project. With Benson Building, you know that you’re getting a friendly and professional team who are determined to exceed expectations through high-quality work and reliable services.

Mitigating risk in Aged Care, Retirement Villages, Child Care & Strata through exceptional management of property compliance services. We offer residential aged care, retirement village living, a wide range of community health services as well as childcare services and these are generally easily accessed. There are also a number of programs designed to promote healthy living and we have formed strong links with our communities.

Our team of experienced builders will guide you through the entire process from design meetings all the way until move-in day. Your needs and ideas are our creative fuel. Our proven team of Architects, Draftsmen, Managers, and Project Engineers work in close collaboration to make your #dreamhome a reality. Our aim is simple: to attain our client’s delight with the highest quality standards for every project we are constructing. It is our sacred commitment and assurance from all our past successes and our mantra is “On-Time Project Delivery.”

Benson Building & Construction

Sydney Home Renovations & Extensions

Benson Building & Construction is a highly reputable construction company built on trust, quality and dedication. We specialise in residential construction, renovations and extensions, landscaping, and commercial development. We also proudly provide general labour and maintenance services.

We are highly skilled in providing designed solutions, our project architects work initially to understand your needs concerning lifestyle, budget, design vision and the unique aspects of your project. At Benson Building & Construction, we are specialist builders for renovations We use our expertise to ensure your renovation enhances the livability, performance, and value of your home.

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Benson Building & Construction

Our builders have over 25 years industry experience, so you know you are working with some of Sydneys best builders.

Expert Oversight

Your Project Manager will drive your project forward whilst reducing risk and preventing problems before they occur.

Saves Time

You can't be on site every day. A Project Manager is your eyes and ears, leaving you to focus on living your life.

Saves Money

A good Project Manager saves more money than their own fee through planning, negotiation, and value engineering.


We're curious and responsive to change. We listen, learn and act. We're powered by our experience, and nimble in how we deliver. Our eyes are on the future and we're ready to add value.


We're creative problem solvers who draw on many years of experience to unlock new solutions. We're skilled in bringing design and delivery together.


Partnering is our way of helping others achieve their goals today and in the years ahead. We'll support you at every stage.

How can we help?

Hotline Number 24/7 0421 763 251 Mail Us At info@bensonbuilding.com.au Office Location Sydney, NSW 2022, Australia

Trusted Builders for More Than 25 Years

Starting a new Project? Our Team can run it for you.

Benson Building & Construction is a home renovation builder serving the areas in and around Sydney. Renovators that are experienced in both smaller and larger projects can be hard to come by, so we pride ourselves in being able to plan and build renovations that suit your home and specific needs, no matter the size or scale of the project.

Whether your house is old and in need of an update, or if your house is on the newer side but simply needs a little tweak to help it function better, a house renovation can help! Renovations can come with a few challenges, but having Benson Building & Construction by your side throughout planning and construction can help you effectively deal with any issues that may crop up.

Engaging with a renovation builder like us early in the process will help you achieve a more efficient design, avoiding issues that could potentially blow out your timeline or budget. We are committed to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for our clients when renovating homes, from beginning to end.

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