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Building an Energy-Efficient House

Energy-efficient home designs have become increasingly popular over the years as people and governments become more aware of the impact their homes have on the environment. Energy-efficient building practices are often mandatory under specific laws and regulations in Australia, making it necessary to build homes that meet the necessary standards and requirements. These national standards for energy-efficient house designs mean every new home is equipped with a cost-effective and sustainable solution for a range of common household requirements like heating and cooling your home.
Any energy-efficient design considers three main factors: orientation, insulation, and ventilation. These factors are known as passive design and work in harmony with the environment and climate to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. According to Your Home, an independent guide to energy-efficient house design, “a passively designed home can deliver a lifetime of thermal comfort, low energy bills, and low greenhouse gas emissions.”
Benson Building & Construction has been working on smaller, more solar-passive designs over the last few months to meet the ever-changing climate and BASIX Requirements. To ensure our modern home designs comply with energy-efficient standards, we source materials from companies that commit to the sustainability of their industries. As a whole, BBH works closely with our clients to understand their needs to ensure we are eco-friendly while maintaining their needs and budget.

Everything You Need To Know About House Facades

A house facade (pronounced “fa’saad”) is a fancy way of describing the look and appearance of your home from the street. Also known as curb appeal and street appeal, house facade design is an essential part of any home design, new and old, directly impacting first impressions and whether or not someone says, “oooh! Ahhh!” when they pass by.
A standout house facade can make your property more appealing to prospective buyers and, as a result, easier to sell in the future when it’s time to move on. Even if you're not planning on selling your home, the exterior of your house may set the tone for your neighbourhood, give it individuality, and distinguish you from other real estate properties on the street.
Don't see the house facade design you want? Don't worry. Much like how we can customise our floor plans and modern home designs to suit your needs, we can adjust the look and feel of your house facade to match your intended vision. Speak to one of our friendly consultants today to discuss how we can customise the Benson Building & Construction experience for your house facade. Make as many decisions as you can before speaking with us so that, when we meet, we can concentrate on assisting you with the details of your house facade ideas and design.

You Can't Imagine Living Without It: An Extraordinary Home for Your Lifestyle

Finding a suitable home that meets your interests requires a long time of preparation, countless previews, and planning. Taking the keys to that beautiful home, whether as a family or as an individual, is worth it.
Homeowners are mostly finding ways to improve or expand their beautiful homes. Choosing a home that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs, on the other hand, is more difficult than it seems. People regularly spend a lot of time looking for the perfect properties in a possible new house, only to find that their changes after taking ownership aren't what they expected. However, it does not have to be a pointless effort. You may be able to find the right home that fulfils your needs while also allowing you to grow and explore with some preparation and timing.

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